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The story begins with a teenager, who is a student in his freshman year of Staten Island High. Years ago Michael Daversa was experimented on to make the ultimate weapon, Para GX [A human alien hybrid]. Michael Is an awkward, seemingly normal high school student that maintains a 92 average, But Michael has a secret he is an human alien hybrid. For years Michael has special abilities and lives a duel identity as The Outsider a hero from the shadows. Eager to find out who he is and what his purpose is in life Michael often finds himself in precarious situations with his friends Alicia Hunters, Frank West, Sarah DiBella and countless others who share in a legendary journey a path of an Outsider.


I Have been working on a series with well over 400 characters. The Outsider is the start of a new comic book universe. The plan is to open up the doorway for movies, television series, video games, comics, books etc. I am looking to make my dream a reality in making the Outsider Universe (Needs a better name) into a hit and make it a mainstream sensation. When I started I was about 10 years old I am now 21 and trying to get this idea out there and make some kinda noise to get The Outsider where he needs to be. This Page shall help inform people of the characters and their roles in the Universe More to come.


Michael Daversa/Para GX/The Outsider

Sarah DiBella

Ian Akers/Night Prowler/The Night Demon

Dylan West/Patriot

Alicia Hunters

Christina DiBella

Emma Elizabeth

Haley Crowell

Angelica Nicole   

Conner Cosmic

Sal Reigns/Virus

Chris Archer/The Hood-man

Nicole Thomas

Harry Atkins/Anex

Zach Lella/Omega

Detective West

Samuel Cage

Anthony Daversa/Kon-Lar

Michelle Wilson/Para 314

Cain Murdoch/Brawler

Nadia Hall/Night-Girl


Frank West/Infantry

Jack West/Soldier

Susan Saunders/Infantry-Girl

Logan Pax/Ghost-Fire

The Khaos Soldier

Theresa Daversa Renner



Mark Welling/Steelex

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